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Your Multi-Channel Campaign Cloud
  • BrandingUI Enables

    Workflow automation for:
    Higher productivity and lower costs
    Improved User Experience
    More campaign executions
    More channels and touch points
    More time for more creative innovations and campaign ideation

    Control at the Corp level and Engagement at the Local level:
    Do-It-Yourself or Managed Services
    Unique local marketing campaigns
    Provide new ideas, strategies and tactics
    Refresh content often

  • Campaign Production

    Multi-Channel Workflows: Print, Email, Microsites, Social Media
    Supplier Management
    Real Time Campaign Reporting
    Content Reports

  • User Organizational Structure

    Branded Head and Remote Office Portals

    User Roles:
    Administration (Site Manager)
    Manager (Campaign Review and Oversite)
    Approver (Content Review and Approval)
    Designer (Content Design and Development)
    General User (Campaign Editing and Execution)
    Supplier (Third Party Partner for Campaign Execution)

  • Multi-Channel Campaign Reporting

    Campaign Dashboard
    Campaign Schedules / Timelines / Reminders
    Campaign Results
    Campaign Budgets

  • Campaign Planning

    Schedule management
    Budget management
    Supplier rate cards
    Campaign Reports
    Approval Processes
    Site Reports

  • Marketing Campaign and Content Creation

    On-line design tools
    Brand guideline management
    Single Source Production
    Multi-Channel Content: Print, Microsites, Email, and Social Media
    Approval processes


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Our Team

At your service

PrintUI, Inc.

The PrintUI Technology Story

PrintUI, Inc. is a recognized leader in SaaS solutions and technologies that allow companies to plan marketing campaigns and distribute customized cross media marketing collateral globally. We are at team with over 50 years of combined experience working in the Technology, Publishing, and Marketing industries for and with Adobe and Adobe technologies. You can count on our knowledge and experience in delivering you the best products and services for your business. We’re successful business leaders and expert technologists. But above all, we’re passionate people who love helping our clients propel their businesses forward with standout software solutions and services.

PrintUI, Inc. Founded in 2011

PrintUI was founded in 2011 and incorporated in 2012 when Mark, Harbs, and Peter were working on a joint development project to create an Adobe InDesign-based Web-to-Print solution. It turned out awesome and so they decided to make it a business. The result was an uncommon perfect combination of talents: Mark's product and business expertise; Harbs' user experience expertise with Adobe products; and Peter's architectural expertise with high performance, highly scalable, and highly secure cloud based technology. Over two hundred world-wide Cloud based deployments later PrintUI has processed over a million Web-to-Print production jobs. In late 2014, witnessing the changes over the previous few years in marketing technology and the need for a global marketing platform, PrintUI started a collaboration with the Chameleon Group of Australia to create BrandingUI.

Mark Hilton

Mark Hilton worked at Adobe for 10 years. In his most recent role, he was the Vice President of Product Management for the Creative Suite products from the initial concept of Creative Suite 1 through Creative Suite 3 (CS3) and the integration of the newly acquired Macromedia products. He created the Creative Suite product concept and lead the teams defining the product that would alter the course of Adobe's future. He and his team were responsible for the Creative Suites in total and individually such great Adobe products as InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and even Framemaker.

Gavriel Harbater (AKA Harbs)

Harbs entered the publishing industry, close to 20 years ago, from the print side. Harbs was an early adopter of InDesign; he’s owned a print shop; run his own successful software business, and is a recognized expert in the field. Harbs is very active in community support and open source software. He is a member of Adobe's "Adobe Community Professional" program a moderator on Adobe's forums and a PMC member of Apache Flex. Harbs has many years of experience in creating custom workflow solutions for large companies around the globe saving countless hours in unique ways.

Peter Mierau

Peter Mierau has 30 years of industry experience that includes 15 years at Adobe. He was  Director of Engineering at Adobe and while at Adobe he designed and managed highly scalable Cloud-based solutions and data centers that handle many gigabits of bandwidth, and thousands of servers for such services as Adobe, Adobe Studio, and Adobe Stockphoto.

Joel Ingulsrud

Born and raised in central Japan, Joel has been getting products into Japan since KanjiTalk enabled localization of Macintosh software in the mid 1980s. With a passion for solving the unique challenges faced by Japanese publishers in typography, color management and workflow, he eventually took on product management roles at several Silicon Valley companies, including Adobe where he worked on the Japanese edition of Acrobat. Based in Tokyo for the past ten years, Joel manages PrintUI’s business interests and products in China, Japan and Korea.

Why Choose BrandingUI?

  • We have been in the industry for over 50 combined years and in this business for over 4 years.
  • We are passionate about delivering great products, great user experiences, and great customer service.
  • We are builders of market leading and award winning products and services.
  • We have have a history leading companies scaling from the entrepreneurial world of startups to leading teams and building products and services in multi-billion dollar companies.
  • We know what we're doing.

Why Choose Our Products?

  • Over 200 websites have been using our core technology for over 4 years.
  • Our Products have processed over 1 million jobs.
  • Our solutions are based on a high performance, highly scalable, highly secure multi-tenant architecture and standards based technology.
  • No proprietary tools to learn ... Designers use the same tools they use today.
  • Our products are powerful in their structure and easy to use by their nature.
  • We're know what we're doing.


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